Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January Challenge at Papercraft Planet

These are my friendship pages for the January challenge over at papercraft planet. This is the only thing I have managed to do as I am still laid up with this sciatica I went out yesterday but only to see the physiotherapist I did feel a bit better coming home...but back to square one this morning, never realised it was so painful I remember my dad having this condition in the past and having to use a stick to help him walk but that's all I remember really, it was a long time ago, hope it eases up soon anyway.


  1. Hi Maisie,
    Love your friendship page! So sorry to hear you are still in pain. Hope your pain subsides soon and you are back to your old self again.
    Sending healing hugs!

  2. Oh...Thank you so much Norma,so nice to hear from you.x