Saturday, 11 June 2011

Four Seasons in one day !!!!

Well another craft - fayre hampered by the weather. Cant believe the weather today we had it all, Sunshine followed by rain , wind, thunder and lightning then hailstones the size of golf balls as you can imagine not many people came to the craft-fayre today [ the worst so far] at one stage we were  all standing by the door watching the storm and the streets were deserted but...... that didn't stop alma and myself having a nice day, as usual we spent more than we sold , but.... we bought some Christmas presents and ate cake! lol !!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that the weather wasn't great for your craft-fayre. If I was closer I would have come! I love craft fairs & I haven't even been to one this year. Hope your weather improves!

  2. Thanks Jenny I have another one this Saturday hope the weather is better!