Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thanks for following Katrina

Considering the weather has been terrible the last 2 days and we didn't have a very good turnout at the craft -fayre , [it is being held in a country park, after all,] in the middle of nowhere ,but,despite that we have still done very well. I sold some bags and 4 scrapbooks  other books and a few cards .Last one tomorrow I will take pictures then and put them on here.Trusting that the weather will be better tomorrow...then I have a break till June 11th.


  1. Hi Maisie,

    So happy that you did good at the fair eventhough you had bad weather. I went to a Fair last week and the vendors weren't as lucky. I spoke to a few of them and they said, "People were just looking" and hardly no sales. :(
    Hugs and good luck on the next one.

  2. HI Norma, I know what you are saying I have been in fayres like that where there have been lots of people passing through and no sales it can be a bit soul destroying then ,especially, when you've worked so hard to fill your table.x.