Sunday, 4 September 2011


  1. Hi Maisie Sparrow, so glad you had a wonderful day and you were surely blessed by the LORD. I am laughing as you actually have legs HA! ha! I have never seen you in a skirt! that is what I use to say to my Aunt, as she always wore trousers even at 90years of age, and smoked liked a trooper, and always had her nails painted, she was a right character.
    Ken and I doing lots of little jobs before he goes in on Friday, can you ask your mother to say a prayer please and you of course. Hope you get satisfaction with your provider, otherwise I will never be able to e-mail you GOD BLESS LOVE A CYMRU.

  2. Hahahaha! Yes I do show them occasionally, your aunt sounds like a right character Alma, I love people like that!Ken will be top of our prayer list- rest assured and you also. It will be nice when it's all over with now. yes we had a wonderful day yesterday have lots of things to tell you on the phone.Love you loads.x