Saturday, 9 April 2011

First craft fayre of the Season

Had a lovely day at the fayre today, it was only a small one but it was really good it was held at the catholic church. I sold lots of cards and a few books- did well . Alma and myself really enjoyed , did'nt take many pictures though . The next one is April 20th that will be quite a big one should be good .So it's back to cardmaking for me -stocks are low again. Iam really pleased at the moment , a local shop has agreed to sell my scrap books am thrilled about that- although 24 hours in a day is not long enough for all the things I have to do, hopefully, will get the shop open on here in the next few days.


  1. well done on your craft fair success, i know what you mean, i am always running out of time too!
    j x

  2. Hi Jules, us women have never got a minute to ourselves have we!x