Sunday, 22 April 2012

Where is Spring???

Wow!! What a fab pic... looks like Heaven...It's freezing here, have had hailstones all day and we are still in our winter clothes ,poor garden is really neglected too cold to go outside and too cold to plant as it's quite frosty in the mornings.Oh well one can only dream!


  1. Hi Maisie Sparrow where indeed is spring I hope that fine weather a few weeks ago didn't herald our spring and summer but the outlook is not good. I feel really cold today even with the heat on I think it's me, as Ken has been taking the underlay up ready for the carpet fitter tomorrow and he is boiling Ah well stroll on, what a fab picture that was, take care GOD BLESS KEEP WARM Alma Cymru

  2. Hi Alma,yes, it's freezing here, did you see the hail ,thunder and lightning today ? hope the house is finished now and everything back to normal. The colour scheme you have sounds fab.x